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Welcome to ANewMen.com
ANewMen is about looking and feeling the best you possibly can right now - whatever your age is. This site offers many easy-to-follow advice, guides, and step-by-step routines and fast-track ways of dramatically improving your energy, fitness, appearance and ability to handle stress. ANewMen offers you every bit of useful and reliable advice you need to transform yourself from head to toe, inside and out. And because the focus is as much on health and vitality from within as on the outside, you will, rediscovered the energy and sheer joy in living that may have seemed lost forever.
Latest Articles....
Diet and Health
Too Much Sugar In Your Food?
For many of us, sugar is an indispensable ingredient or food. Many cannot live without sugar in their food, especially those with a sweet tooth. Over indulgence and use of sugar is can become a compulsive habit for most people with addictions later in life. Simple sugar, or glucose, is what our body, cells, and brain need as fuel for energy....
Cooling Down Stretches
In much the same way as you warm your muscles up before resistance exercise, you have to cool down after your workout with flexibility-enhancing stretches. Having cool-down stretches after every exercise is as important as performing those exercises...
Assess Your Stress Risk
Studies have revealed that some personality traits are more susceptible to high levels of stress than others – these belong to the Type A personalities...


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